JavaZone, September 2022

Selected recent talks:

Devoxx UK, 2023, (video) Return to Planet Collections
Devoxx Belgium, October 2022 (video) Java Collections Puzzlers
JavaOne, October 2022
Pluralsight author summit, September 2022
Voxxed Days Zurich, May 2022 (video) Immutability and unmodifiable collections in Java
GOTO Copenhagen, November 2019 (video) Functional Features in Java and Scala
Devoxx Morocco, November 2019
Devoxx Belgium, November 2019 (video, video) What really happens when your Java program executes?
GeekOut, September 2019 (video)
JavaDay Odesa, September 2019
GeeCON, May 2019 (video)
Devoxx UK, May 2019 (video) Info-capitalism and its possible futures

JAX London, October 2017 (video) Algorithm performance on modern architectures
JavaOne, October 2017 (video) Collection and reduction in the Stream API
Devoxx Belgium, November 2016 (video)
JavaDay Kyiv, October 2016 (video)
Devoxx UK, June 2016 (video) Running a PBX on a Raspberry Pi – a fun project

Wadlerfest, Edinburgh, April 2016 (slides)
Javaland, Brühl, March 2016
Devoxx Belgium, Antwerp, November 2015 (slides, slides, video, video)
JavaDay Kyiv, November 2015 (slides, slides)
JavaOne, San Francisco, October 2015 (Rockstar rating) (slides, slides)
Dublin Java Meetup, September 2015
Devoxx UK, London, June 2015 (video)
QCon New York, June 2015
JAX Finance, London, April 2015
Philly Emerging Tech, April 2015
JokerConf, St. Petersburg, October 2014
JavaOne, San Francisco, September 2014 (Rockstar rating) (video, video)
Devoxx UK, June 2014
JFokus, Stockholm, February 2014
JavaOne, San Francisco, September 2013 (Rockstar rating)
JPoint, St. Petersburg, April 2013 (keynote speaker (video, video)
Devoxx UK, March 2013
Devoxx, Antwerp, November 2012
JavaPolis, Antwerp, December 2007
JavaZone, Oslo, September 2007
The ServerSide Java Symposium, Barcelona, June 2007
JavaOne, San Francisco, May 2007

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